Pre-Configured SharePoint Solutions

As a systems integrator Clarity has gained extensive experience delivering a wide variety of intranet and web-based ECM solutions that are configured to support client-specific requirements. Consequently, we have also developed many pre-configured SharePoint solutions, thereby accelerating project delivery and minimising project risk.

Examples of these solutions include:

  • SharePoint News Carousel and custom branding, which enables presentation of intranets and extranets in a user friendly website format.
  • An enhanced forums management solution with a template and supporting wizard to facilitate creation of topical forums on an as required basis, with simplified configuration of access permissions.
  • A meetings management solution, with a template and a bespoke wizard, which is used to create new meeting workspaces on an as required basis and support the conduct of paperless meetings.
  • A task management solution that is used to control meeting actions, track tasks allocated through other channels and consolidate individuals’ tasks through a single view.
  • Document and record management systems with configurations for specific departments (e.g. HR, Finance).
  • Integration with line of business systems to provide a tablet interface that allows personnel to interact with systems while working remotely (job schedules, timesheets, task completions)
  • Integration with image scanning and data capture solutions to support electronic mail rooms, processing of forms and survey data and conversion of corporate paper records.
  • Miscellaneous bespoke configurations and customisations to support client-specific needs (e.g. records management workflows).