Bikeability Software for Managing Cycle Training Courses

CycleReady Training Management is a web-based course administration and online booking solution that is used to manage the delivery of cycling competency courses, including the DfT Bikeability scheme for schools and both 1-2-1 and group-based cycling courses.


  • Schedule courses
  • Allocate Instructors
  • Monitor completion
  • Manage users & resources
  • Produce reports


  • Request courses
  • View courses
  • Register pupils
  • Access resources


  • Record availability
  • Monitor allocation
  • Update progress

Course Scheduling

Administrators can create new courses and allocate Instructors based on their availability and proximity.  Individual courses can be configured to support specific requirements, including the date/s when the course will be delivered, the venues to be used, the number of sessions to be included in a course and the format, duration and timing of each session.

Management Dashboard

The CTM Administrators’ home screen includes a management dashboard that provides immediate access to key status indicators associated with course scheduling and delivery.  Users can then access the content identified in any selected panel in order to attend to the most time-critical and/or otherwise high priority tasks (e.g. allocated Instructors to scheduled courses that have not yet been confirmed).

Workload Monitoring (calendars)

The CTM Administrators’ home screen also provides single click access to both course calendars and instructor availability calendars.

The course calendar displays all scheduled Bikeability, 1-2-1 and group courses that have been scheduled over a selected time period and filtering can be used to restrict the displayed content to specific local authority areas or specific course types.

Instructor availability calendars are used to identify the dates and times when Instructors have:

  • Declared themselves as available to deliver courses.
  • Been allocated to a course and have accepted the booking.
  • Been allocated to a course and have not yet confirmed.


To see more information, please download the case study