Records Management

Clarity's records management solutions are based on recognised best-in-class products, which have been validated against recognised Government standards (e.g. TNA and MOREQ). Our RM solutions support secure, whole-life retention and eventual controlled destruction of read-only records, in compliance with corporate retention policies and statutory obligations.

Our RM solutions include the following key features:

  • Records may be stored and categorized in a taxonomy-based File Plan.
  • Users can specify and automate the implementation of management strategies encompassing the review and disposal of records.
  • Corporate retention policies can be configured and documents can be marked for review, deletion or archive after the expiration of their retention period. Default retention periods can be assigned, based on document type.
  • Administration facilities can be used to review records marked for deletion and to initiate deletion/archive procedures.
  • Librarian facilities provide users with access to paper records.
  • Records managers can easily apply classification metadata to submitted documents to enhance search capabilities.
  • Organizations can classify and manage not only traditional content as records, but also email, instant messages, and rich media.
  • Users can implement records management tasks from within commonly used desktop authoring and productivity tools.
  • Security settings defining access and management permissions may be applied automatically through the File Plan.
  • Records access rights may be granted, revoked, and fine-tuned to balance knowledge management needs with compliance and information safekeeping requirements throughout the content lifecycle.
  • A variety of pre-configured and/or custom designed reports can provide snapshot views of information relating to vital records or items ready for disposition or destruction.