Support Agile Working and Maintain Management Control

FastForm Process Manager (FPM) has been designed to increase productivity, improve management control and support flexible working arrangements in Central Ticket Offices, where large volumes of safety camera records are processed by staff who may work in different locations.

FPM is an enhancement to the FastForm Ticketing Management solution and it integrates directly with both the FastForm scanning and data capture features and the document management system.

FPM can be accessed using any standard web browser and no product-specific software is required on user PCs/laptops. Authorised staff can therefore log in to FPM from any approved location using a standard build police laptop that provides a secure connection to the police network.

Once logged in, staff can use FPM to access scanned batches of NIPs and associated correspondence, validate captured content, escalate specific records for management attention and save export files for upload to PentiP. Staff can also search for case files in the DMS, retrieve specific documents for review and prepare case files.

A key feature within FPM is the management oversight, which provides assurance that high volumes of case records are being processed efficiently. Authorised managers and team leaders can monitor work volumes and staff productivity across multiple locations and apply intervention where necessary.

In particular, managers can review scanned batches, allocate unclaimed batches to specific individuals for processing and retrieve and re-allocate batches when necessary. Authorised personnel can also review escalated documents, which are highlighted in a management dashboard and publish messages for staff attention, which are displayed in a home screen message board.