Managing the Delivery of Road Safety Education Courses

FastForm Online Bookings is a web-based course management solution that is used by local authorities, police forces and safety camera partnerships to streamline the management of driver offender retraining schemes and provide online booking and payment facilities for course participants and service providers.

FastForm includes web-based interfaces for clients, call takers, course administrators, course instructors and police personnel. Authorised staff can create and manage an unlimited number of course types, courses, venues, instructors and resources within FastForm. Course Instructors also use FastForm to declare their availability, monitor course allocation and validate course attendees.

Utilising highly intuitive web-based booking screens, course participants can book and pay for driver offender retraining courses and local road safety courses directly over the internet at any convenient time, thereby minimising the need for telephone enquiries and bookings.  Clients also have the option to pay for courses over the phone using our Clarity IVR PCI compliant secure telephony platform.

FastForm provides direct integration with DORS and course booking data is transferred dynamically between FastForm and DORS. Integration with customer-specific systems is also provided to manage the delivery of local courses that support local road safety initiatives.

Several police forces and local authorities have reduced their operational overheads substantially by using FastForm to bring NDORS course management functions in-house, streamline service delivery and increase annual course booking volumes.

A return on investment in FastForm can easily be achieved in under 12 months.

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