Document Management

Our document management solutions are used to control the production, classification, storage and subsequent retrieval of documents. They provide a secure, central repository for all corporate documents, including reports, correspondence, e-mail, drawings and multimedia files. They include the following key features:

  • Library Management
  • Enterprise Search and Retrieval
  • Version Control
  • Security Management

Library Management (incl. document profiling)

Our DMS solutions integrate with all commonly used desktop tools, including Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes, to provide a seamless approach to document authoring and storage. Users are prompted to save and profile documents directly into a secure, central repository, while working within their familiar desktop environment. Document profile fields are configured to support customer-specific filing and search requirements, incorporating any personnel-based data, location-based data, etc. that may subsequently be used to support effective search and retrieval.


Enterprise Search and Retrieval

Document profile data and content strings can be combined to support highly efficient and reliable searches across all stored documents. Searches can also be saved and re-used to support routine collation of document sets, based on pre-defined criteria. These features can provide huge efficiency savings when personnel are required to search through disparate and/or unfamiliar document sets in order to collate information. These features also support effective compliance with corporate information disclosure obligations, as defined in the Freedom of Information Act and the Data Protection Act.


Version Control

Multiple document versions may be saved in order to retain a record of changes made during the creation, review, approval and update lifecycle. Each saved version can be identified as either a draft or an approved document and any version may be locked, thereby preventing any further changes


Security Management

Many of our customers use our DMS solutions to support a high integrity approach to information security management. Document access privileges can be assigned automatically, based on pre-defined user permissions. Access privileges can also be revised to reflect the sensitivity and/or desired distribution of any individual document. Access privileges can be set for groups and/or individual users and the levels of privilege are highly configurable, encompassing:

  • View the document profile
  • View the document contents
  • View published versions only
  • Edit content
  • Manage access
  • Delete

Security management is further enhanced through the use of secure Audit Trails that log all document interactions, including any forms of view, edit, print or e-mail actions. This document history can be used to:

  • Demonstrate the security and integrity of stored documents.
  • Confirm that certain activities were performed, such as document reviews.
  • Counteract denial of receipt.