SharePoint Consultancy

Microsoft SharePoint has evolved to become the most successful enterprise content management product ever released and it has had a profound impact on the enterprise content management (ECM) marketplace. Clarity has recognised the game changing impact of SharePoint and we have combined deep technical expertise in Microsoft technologies with a wealth of ECM solution and process experience to provide customers with SharePoint solutions that are fully configured to support their ECM requirements.

SharePoint provides an exceptionally broad feature set, combining both feature rich applications and bespoke development capabilities. Consequently, a range of technical skills are required in order to best exploit the platform’s capabilities while maintaining appropriate levels of information governance. Clarity has recognised this challenge and we have developed wide-ranging SharePoint competencies across our project delivery teams, spanning:

  • ­Architecture design, product installation/deployment and system management
  • ­Business-focused solution consultancy
  • ­Advanced configuration of SharePoint feature sets, including sites, document libraries and workflows
  • ­Application development (e.g. developing master pages and web parts in Visual Studio)


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Pre-Configured SharePoint Solutions

As a systems integrator Clarity has gained extensive experience delivering a wide variety of intranet and web-based ECM solutions that are configured to support client-specific requirements. Consequently, we have also developed many pre-configured SharePoint solutions, thereby accelerating project delivery and minimising project risk.

Examples of these solutions include:

  • SharePoint News Carousel and custom branding, which enables presentation of intranets and extranets in a user friendly website format.
  • An enhanced forums management solution with a template and supporting wizard to facilitate creation of topical forums on an as required basis, with simplified configuration of access permissions.
  • A meetings management solution, with a template and a bespoke wizard, which is used to create new meeting workspaces on an as required basis and support the conduct of paperless meetings.
  • A task management solution that is used to control meeting actions, track tasks allocated through other channels and consolidate individuals’ tasks through a single view.
  • Document and record management systems with configurations for specific departments (e.g. HR, Finance).
  • Integration with line of business systems to provide a tablet interface that allows personnel to interact with systems while working remotely (job schedules, timesheets, task completions)
  • Integration with image scanning and data capture solutions to support electronic mail rooms, processing of forms and survey data and conversion of corporate paper records.
  • Miscellaneous bespoke configurations and customisations to support client-specific needs (e.g. records management workflows).