The Police Federation of England and Wales National Extranet Built on SharePoint

Clarity has recently completed a new national Extranet for the Police Federation of England and Wales, which has been built on a Microsoft SharePoint platform. This new Extranet is being used to modernise the approach used by the Federation to manage communication and facilitate collaboration, particularly in terms of the way central business functions engage with the wider community of representatives and police officers throughout England and Wales.

Clarity has developed the following features within the Federation Extranet:

  • Team sites for Sub-Committees, Working Groups, Rank Separates Committees and Staff Departments.
  • A bespoke forum template and supporting wizard that allows Sub-Committees and Separates Committees to set up topical forums internally on an as required basis and supports simple configuration of access permissions for different forums.
  • A bespoke meetings management solution that is based on a template with a supporting bespoke wizard, which may be used by sub-committees, etc. to create new meeting workspaces on an as required basis.
  • Task management capabilities that are used within meetings and also when tasks are allocated through other channels (e.g. a letter sent to Federation House with a query concerning an Operational Policing matter).
  • An online booking solution for Federation courses (Clarity originally developed this solution for use through the Federation Intranet).
  • Simple, intuitive access from tablet devices and smart phones.