Road Safety Portal

Clarity’s Road Safety Portal reduces the road safety back-office workload and supports efficient processing of road traffic offence records by allowing NIP/172 recipients to view and respond to alleged offences online.

NIP/172 recipients use the Road Safety Portal to:

  • View road traffic offence details online (e.g. camera images, NIP/172 forms, calibration certificates, etc.).
  • Admit they were the driver at the time of the alleged offence.
  • Nominate another driver online (address validation is used to ensure an entered address exists before a nomination is accepted).

This self-service online approach reduces the volume of returned correspondence processed by back-office staff radically and reduces the number of queries and challenges that need to be handled by police personnel.

The Road Safety Portal integrates with PentiP and EROS to capture new offences and enable automated updating of offence records following online submission of admissions and nominations.

The portal is installed in a police-approved secure UK-based data centre and robust information security management arrangements are maintained at all times.