Scanning and Data Capture

Our scanning solutions are used to automate the capture of paper records and associated content within line of business data processing systems, document and records management systems and SharePoint Team Sites.

We provide an effective way to batch scan paper records directly into enterprise content management solutions, enabling swift online enterprise-wide search and retrieval across all corporate information stores and eliminating the need for paper storage.



These solutions allow organisations to apply high integrity EDRMS controls to paper record stores:

  • Reduce paper handling and storage costs.
  • Increase search and retrieval efficiency and reliability.
  • Eliminate potential loss or damage to paper records.
  • Improve document security and integrity management arrangements.
  • Introduce automated workflows, records retention and redaction capabilities
  • Affordable and scalable with no per page click charges


Key Features

When documents are scanned, either the entire document or pre-defined data fields are digitized, then routed to an EDRMS, SharePoint, corporate databases and/or the next step in a pre-defined workflow. Powerful recognition engines and image enhancement features ensure accuracy, reducing or eliminating the need for manual entry and oversight.

  • Automatic image correction and enhancement.
  • Automatic form identification and document separation.
  • OCR, ICR and OMR to recognize machine-printed and hand-printed text in hundreds of languages, as well as bar codes, patch codes and check boxes.
  • Seamless integration with ECM solutions.
  • Support for most production scanners and multi-function devices.
  • Reports to assist managers identify bottlenecks and redeploy resources to achieve optimum processing efficiency.
  • Centralised administration to setup and update configurations, grant user and group privileges, and monitor individual and station performance.
  • Import emails and attached documents automatically.
  • Key from image validation.