Website Design & Build

Public authority websites must provide large amounts of information and be readily accessible to the widest possible user base, allowing site visitors to find the content and services they need quickly and easily regardless of their ability and/or browsing platform.

Clarity meets these objectives by providing professional and inspired creative designs with a clean aesthetic appeal and a truly intuitive user experience.

Our website solutions team offers a blend of both creative/UX design personnel who specialise in graphic design for digital media and technical software professionals with deep expertise spanning a range of both open source and enterprise CMS platforms.

Our website designs:

  • Provide a fresh aesthetic and a professional, modern and clean look and feel.
  • Support usability across the widest range of mobiles and desktop devices and browser platforms (utilising responsive designs and fluid layouts).
  • Comply with accessibility standards and allow disabled users and older people to use public sector websites effectively.

Clarity has developed websites using a variety of open source CMS products, traditional enterprise CMS products and collaboration and portal platforms and our software professionals offer deep technical CMS product expertise across these diverse platforms; including Umbraco, WordPress, Joomla, RedDot, Tridion, EPiServer and SharePoint

Our comprehensive CMS skills span architecture design, product installation/deployment, system management, solution consultancy, CMS feature configuration and advanced application development.

Fluid Responsive Design

Clarity uses fluid website designs to ensure content is displayed in a useable manner, by making page components expand, collapse and wrap depending on the available screen space.

Police Charities UK launched in February 2017 bringing together more than 20 organisations to better support police officers and their families and Clarity developed a website, which was launched at the same time.

This new site promotes the charities, improves awareness of their work and provides access to their services, using a highly fluid and responsive design, which scales the content and adjusts the page layout design to provide an optimal view, based on the specific device screen size.

Clarity used the Umbraco Open Source CMS platform to develop the Police Charities website.

You can visit the Police Charities UK website at

Mobile First

Clarity believes that designing for mobile use is just as important as designing for the desktop, with increasing numbers of web users accessing sites on mobile and tablet devices.

We reflected this ethos in the South Yorkshire Fire website by providing a fluid and responsive design that:

  • Prioritises mobile use, since increasing numbers of web users access sites on mobile and tablet devices (58% of UK adults accessed the internet using a mobile phone).
  • Is structured around key tasks, providing user journeys that take website visitors to the relevant pages within the site in as few clicks as possible.
  • Adheres to modern web accessibility standards.

Clarity used the WordPress Open Source CMS platform to develop the fire service website.

For more information, visit the Case Study page or go to the SYFire website at

Browser Detection

Clarity websites use browser detection to determine which device is being used and apply specific layouts to cater for modern browsers, legacy browsers, smartphones, tablets and desk-based devices.

Clarity applied this approach when we developed a new corporate website for the Police Federation of England and Wales, using highly responsive designs to support mobile platforms and a range of features that promote engagement with users.

The Federation site was developed using Open Text Web Site Management (aka RedDot).

For more information, visit the Case Study page or go to the Police Federation website at