The Police Federation of England and Wales Serving the Needs of 124,000 Police Officers

Clarity developed a new corporate website and a magazine site for the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW). Both sites use highly responsive designs to support mobile platforms and a range of features that promote engagement with users (

The Police Federation of England and Wales is one of the largest staff associations in the UK, representing the interests of all police constables, sergeants and inspectors and it maintains a dynamic online presence in order to both present a professional image to its members and to provide access to pertinent information and member services.

The Federation decided that they needed to revitalise their corporate web presence in order to meet these objectives and increase openness and transparency and, following a competitive tender, they commissioned Clarity to develop a main ‘public’ site, a related micro-site for POLICE Magazine (PFEW’s flagship monthly publication), and a private Members Area.

The brief for the contract was to design and develop an exciting, innovative and dynamic new corporate website for the Police Federation of England and Wales that will encourage member engagement and provide a useful service to PFEW members and interested parties.

Clarity met these objectives by creating an entirely new professional UI/UX design and developing a dynamic interactive feature set; delivering a modern, visually dynamic and revitalised PFEW website that:

  • ­­Is accessible to, and engaging for, the widest possible audience.
  • ­­Asserts the reputation and value of the Federation through a website that is modern, professional, informative and dynamic.
  • ­­Encourages member engagement and provides valuable services to PFEW members and interested parties.
  • ­­Is designed to provide a visually attractive environment and a dynamic and responsive user experience across all desktop environments and mobile devices.

Clarity created the website using the OpenText Web Site Management cms platform (formerly known as RedDot) as this fully supported PFEW requirements for a powerful and extremely flexible CMS system that allows for multiple user logins for different site authors to update content. The OpenText platform has also provided an appropriate balance between creative design flexibility and corporate brand management, which is essential for an organisation such as PFEW.

Following on from the successful website go-live, Clarity developed a new Extranet, which is being used to modernise the approach used by the Federation to manage communication and facilitate collaboration, particularly in terms of the way central bus`ness functions engage with the wider community of representatives and police officers throughout England and Wales.