Clarity Bookings

Clarity Bookings is a web-based activity and resource booking solution that is used by public authorities to streamline the management of one-to-one appointments, group courses, large-scale events, customer facilities (e.g. rooms) and meetings. It includes back-office scheduling, monitoring and reporting features, along with client facing online booking interfaces.


  • Schedule and publish appointments, courses, events and meetings online.
  • Create both private (invitee-only) and public activities.
  • Validate client eligibility to attend activities.
  • Clients can view availability and book activities and facilities online.
  • Offer flexible online payment plans and secure payment telephony.
  • Allocate personnel, trainers, venues and resources to scheduled activities.
  • Manage trainer availability, competencies and invoices.
  • Manage venue availability, capacities and contracts.
  • Integrate with corporate payment gateways and CRM systems.
  • Track booking, payment and attendance and generate critical action alerts.


  • Allow clients to book courses online at any time.
  • Minimise call centre traffic by channelling bookings through the website.
  • Maximise online bookings by offering intuitive touch-friendly interfaces.
  • Enhance call centre PCI compliance with secure telephone payments.
  • Use a self-service approach for trainer availability management.
  • Process rules automate governance (course capacity and trainer competence).
  • Maximise course attendance by providing SMS and email reminders.
  • Create an unlimited range of activity types.
  • Schedule an unlimited number of activity occurrences.
  • Manage individuals' needs and support minority language groups.


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