Supporting Safe Cycling

November 2022

We have seen a remarkable increase in the use of Clarity’s CycleReady Training Management solution (CTM) over the last two years and the platform is now being used by 14 organisations to manage the delivery of Bikeability and other cycle training courses across 36 local authority areas.

CTM is a web-based course administration and online booking solution that is used to manage the delivery of cycling competency courses, including Bikeability for Schools, public and 1-2-1 cycle training sessions and bike maintenance classes.  CTM includes comprehensive course scheduling and tracking functionality, with online interfaces for schools, administrators and instructors.  CTM also includes online booking and payment options for members of the public who want to book public and 1-2-1 cycling courses.

Clarity’s CTM solution streamlines course administration tasks and is ideally suited to supporting an increased demand for cycle training, in line with the government’s commitment to promoting cycling as an environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to driving