Streamlining Road Safety Back-Office Operations with Online Submissions and Electronic Offers

March 2024

Clarity has recently deployed our Road Safety Portal for use across 7 UK police forces and they are seeing a dramatic impact on their road safety back-office operations.

The portal allows members of the public to review and respond to alleged road safety offences online through an intuitive website, which includes force-specific guidance on traffic offences and associated road safety topics.  Forces have found that up to 80% of respondents are choosing to make offence admissions or nominations online instead of returning traditional paper-based forms and this is reducing the back-office workload substantially.  Telephone queries and court challenges are also reduced by providing offence information through the portal.

We are now also providing an electronic offer module, which allows forces to send conditional offer and course offer emails automatically, following receipt of admissions via the Road Safety Portal and completion of associated eligibility checks.  This approach reduces postal overheads substantially in road safety back offices and reduces the time taken before individuals receive these offers.

Road Safety Portal Logo