Another Police Force Brings NDORS Course Delivery In-House

January 2024

West Midlands Police recently decided to take direct responsibility for delivering driver offender retraining courses within their force area and they awarded a contract to Clarity for the provision of course management, online booking and payment software to support this initiative.

Clarity is providing our FastForm Online Bookings course management solution to the force and it is now being used to manage to manage the delivery of NDORS courses across 21 police force areas in England and Wales; processing more than 700,000 course bookings annually.

An increasing number of police forces are using the in-house delivery model in order to take direct control over course delivery standards and increase their investment in local road safety initiatives; ultimately reducing the number of deaths and serious injuries attributable to road traffic accidents in their force areas.

The in-house approach is even more attractive now most courses are delivered digitally and overheads have been reduced.  The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022 also recognised that forces can generate revenue from course delivery activities to invest in road safety, thereby clarifying this position. 

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