Supporting PentiP at Leicestershire Constabulary

June 2012

Clarity participated successfully in the go-live at the 1st PentiP business assurance site in Leicestershire Police on the 22nd June and FastForm is now being used in this live PentiP environment.

Our FastForm image scanning, data capture and document management features were tested fully in the model office environment prior to go-live and, while updates were used to accommodate PentiP data processing requirements, the FastForm user interfaces remain unchanged. This approach allowed Leicestershire to continue using FastForm with minimal business disruption when PentiP was initially adopted.

FastForm increases productivity and improves operational capabilities by automating the capture of offence data from paper records, uploading validated content into PentiP and storing all incoming and outgoing offence documents in a local high-integrity document management system. With all pertinent offence records held in a secure but highly accessible local repository, FastForm also supports CPS objectives for delivering fully electronic case files to court.