Information Discovery and Data Cleansing in Local Government

February 2013

In their drive to reduce operating costs while maintaining service standards, local authorities are increasingly recognising the role of information governance as an enabler for cost reduction and risk management.

Leicester City Council and North Lanarkshire Council have both recently embarked on information discovery and data cleansing projects which will reduce storage overheads and improve information governance.

Clarity has recently secured contracts with these Councils to provide Active Navigation information discovery and data cleansing solutions and audit 7TB of unstructured content held in Windows file shares. These audits are being used to identify and then remove duplicate, redundant, obsolete, trivial and otherwise inappropriate content, such as stray sensitive data.

These projects will deliver the following business benefits:

  • Risk mitigation through management of stray sensitive data.
  • Storage cost savings through data cleansing.
  • Efficiency gains and project risk mitigation through data cleansing and automated content migration.
  • Enhanced records management through data cleansing, improved file classification and metadata enrichment.