FastForm Selected as National System for Offence Records

March 2015

Police Scotland has chosen Clarity’s FastForm Ticketing Management solution to process and store road traffic offence records. The solution shall provide access to high integrity image scanning, data capture, document management and print management features from 4 main police offices throughout Scotland.

Police Scotland is using FastForm to consolidate their operations across what were previously disparate police forces; providing a single shared technology platform to promote consistent working practices, improve resource utilisation and reduce the total cost of technology ownership across this new single force.

The solution architecture shall include a central server installation, a separately located backup and disaster recovery centre and operational sites in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow, all using local scanning and print management features, coupled with secure WAN access to a high integrity central document repository for electronic case files.

FastForm increases productivity, improves responsiveness and delivers process integrity by:

  • Capturing offence data automatically and eliminating manual data entry errors.
  • Eliminating paper-based filing, manual search and retrieval activities.
  • Providing immediate access to fully electronic high integrity case files.

All files are managed in a highly secure environment, manual data entry errors are eliminated, documents are never lost and time-critical tasks can be executed efficiently and reliably using FastForm workflow features with high integrity access controls and secure audit trails.