Councils are Choosing FastForm to Deliver Diversionary Courses

June 2014

Both Suffolk County Council and Warwickshire County Council have recently purchased Clarity's FastForm Online Bookings solution in order to support the delivery of national driver offender retraining schemes.

Clarity has deployed our FastForm road safety enforcement and education technology in 21 local authorities, police forces and safety camera partnerships. We have subsequently developed a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the UK road safety community and the benefits that our offence management technologies can provide.

In particular, FastForm Online Bookings solution is a web-based electronic forms solution that has been developed specifically to support the booking and administration of driver offender retraining schemes. FastForm OB includes web-based interfaces for clients, call taker staff, course administration staff and course instructors and it is used to:

  • Allow citizens to book and pay for driver offender retraining courses directly over the internet.
  • Transfer course booking data automatically between internal and national offence processing systems (incl. NDORS and PentiP).
  • Manage the creation and allocation of course types, courses, venues, instructors and associated resources.
  • Reduce office-based telephone support and data processing tasks.

4 new customers have purchased FastForm OB in recent months, we are currently experiencing considerable continuing interest within the road safety promotion and enforcement community and we anticipate that several additional customers shall adopt FastForm Online Bookings during 2014.

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