Information Discovery at the IRMS Conference

May 2013

Clarity exhibited the information discovery, data cleansing, thematic analysis and content migration features of the Active Navigation toolkit at the IRMS annual conference in Brighton earlier this month.

Numerous delegates across the public and commercial sector were intrigued by the wide range of data cleansing, information governance and risk management capabilities offered by Active Navigation, encompassing:

  • Identification and removal of redundant, obsolete and trivial content (ROT), including backup files, temp files, lost cluster files and policy violations.
  • Identification and removal of duplication.
  • Identification and removal of stray sensitive data and personally identifiable information.
  • Linguistic analysis, identification of recurring themes, File Plan design and optimisation.
  • Metadata extraction and content migration.

Clarity is currently planning a series of product demonstrations in response to interest generated at this event, where both product capabilities and the supporting commercial business case will be highlighted.