Clarity Launches National Police Extranet

April 2014

Clarity has developed a new extranet for the Police Federation of England and Wales, which is based on the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 platform. This is a high profile solution that will radically improve the approach used to engage with and support the work of 124,000 police officers throughout England and Wales.

The extranet includes a wide variety of social features for business functions, which have been designed to modernise communication and facilitate improved collaboration between central Federation functions and police representatives throughout the country. These client-specific features complement and enhance core business processes and help the Federation to better serve the interests of the policing community that they represent.

The Federation Extranet provides the following features and capabilities:

  • A secure login feature allows authorised police Representatives in every force in England and Wales to access documents, news, information and forums, irrespective of their working location.
  • Authorised personnel can use their own mobile, tablet or laptop devices to access the extranet through a standard web connection and without needing any corporate network connectivity or device-specific configuration.
  • A meetings management solution provides online access to meeting papers and action lists, along with scheduling and attendee management functions.
  • Tasks may be raised through meetings or other functions, owned by Meeting Committees or Business Areas, allocated to nominated individuals, accepted or re-assigned and subsequently progressed and monitored using managed workflows.
  • Bespoke personalisation features allow any authorised user to customise their home page and obtain access to specialist dynamic content on committee and group team sites through a simple self-service approach.