A Star is Born

May 2007

Clarity was formed following an amicable management buyout of the information management solutions division of Scomagg.

Scomagg's technology portfolio previously encompassed both desktop information management solutions and industrial process management solutions. The Clarity MBO has acquired the entire public sector information management solutions and services portfolio.

The MBO has been used to enhance our focus on the delivery of enterprise content management solutions across our public sector client base, particularly within the fire and police sub-sectors. The ECM technologies that are included within the Clarity portfolio encompass document and records management, collaboration and workflow, web/intranet content management and electronic forms.

Clarity's initial achievements and success metrics include:

  • All current ECM customers have moved to the new Clarity brand.
  • All technical design, implementation and support staff, who are engaged in the delivery of ECM solutions and services, have moved to Clarity. The Clarity management team has also been formed from Scomagg management staff.
  • The directors of Scomagg have each made substantial personal investments in Clarity. A Scomagg director has also been appointed Non-Executive Chairman for Clarity.