Crown Commercial Service Procurement

Clarity solutions can be purchased directly through a Crown Commercial Service Procurement Framework catalogue.

  • Best Practice Procurement - Each of the suppliers on the framework has been subject to a rigorous procurement process, ensuring they offer the scope and quality of services required by customers in the public sector. Pre-agreed terms and conditions offer customers sound contractual safe guards, whilst saving customers the cost and effort involved in drafting their own contract terms.
  • Value for Money - Competitive rates have been secured and are fixed. Transparent pricing structures and the facility to conduct further competition helps customers to ensure that value for money is consistently achieved.
  • Legally Compliant - The framework is compliant with the new EU procurement directives as well as UK procurement regulations.
  • Collaboration and Partnership - Crown Commercial Service has consulted with colleagues from across the public sector to deliver a procurement solution which meets the needs of its customers.
  • Efficiency - Frameworks enable customers to complete procurements in a short timescale, saving the time and costs involved in undertaking a full OJEU tendering exercise. Straightforward ordering processes and the CCS website competitive tendering facility makes the framework extremely simple to access and use.

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